A New Year’s Note From Dorothy Richter, President

Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year from everyone at Hager-Richter!  

We know that Hager-Richter’s success directly depends on the health and well being of our clients.  We thank you for making 2015 a year with so many rich and challenging projects, and  we hope that the New Year will bring even more opportunities for us to work together. 

Rest assured that Hager-Richter stands ready to provide High Resolution Surface and Borehole Geophysical Services that will help you look good to your clients.  We are counting on you to make 2016, our 32nd year, as exciting and productive as can be.

Whatever the New Year brings, Hager-Richter stays keenly aware that our contributions in Surface and Borehole Geophysics contribute to the health and safety of the public and help preserve our nation’s cultural and natural resources. 

Peace on Earth.  Good will to all. 


Dorothy Richter, P.G., President