Hager-Richter Searches for Abandoned Military Cemeteries at Civil War Battlefield

Hager-Richter recently conducted surface geophysical surveys at two abandoned military cemeteries within the Wilderness Battlefield Unit of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial National Military Park located in Spotsylvania County, Virginia for the National Park Service (NPS). The Battle of the Wilderness of the American Civil War was fought on May 5 – 7, 1864.  Two […]

Hager-Richter Conducts Geophysical Survey at Liberty Island

Hager-Richter Geoscience, Inc. was awarded a contract from the National Park Service to conduct a geophysical survey across most of Liberty Island in New York Harbor, home of the Statue of Liberty. The purpose of the survey was to detect areas that might contain archeological artifacts in the subsurface. Three complementary geophysical methods were used […]

Helping the History Channel search for Blackbeard’s lost treasure

It’s not every day that we get a call from a TV producer in LA asking whether H-R would be willing to use our geophysical methods to search for the treasure of the infamous pirate Blackbeard.  But the call did come, thanks to a referral from a friend in the academic world, and suddenly some […]

H-R searches for artifacts at Boston Light at Little Brewster Island

Hager-Richter conducted surface geophysical surveys at Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor a few years ago.  Little Brewster Island is home to Boston Light, the oldest light station in the United States and, at the time of our work, the last lighthouse officially manned by the U.S. Coast Guard.  The field crew got to stay overnight […]

Bunker Hill Monument Artifact Search

Hager-Richter Geoscience performed another integrated geophysical survey for the National Parks Service, this time at Bunker Hill Monument in Boston, Massachusetts. The entire 4-acre park surrounding the famous monument was examined using GPR, EM31, and EM61 methods. The objective of the survey was to locate former redoubt structures or other artifacts that may have been […]