H-R Celebrates 25 Years of Geophysics in 2009!

They say time flies when you are having fun. H-R must be having a lot of fun because time certainly has flown by. In 2009, H-R will celebrate 25 years (yes – a quarter century!) of providing surface and borehole geophysical services to the engineering, environmental, water resource, and cultural resource communities. We plan to spend the year celebrating this milestone in several ways, and we hope you will join us as we do. Watch our website and your mailbox for updates and news of events as we look ahead to our next quarter century of service. Better yet – be a part of the celebration. Call us!


Message from the President
I did not know when starting H-R in 1984 that it would be here 25 years later. I certainly did not know then that H-R would become a premier geophysical consulting firm in 2009 with a superb staff in two offices, a matchless reputation for technical quality and integrity, and congenial working relationships with some of the best clients in the world.

I probably should not be too surprised. Somehow we found our niche providing leading edge surface and borehole geophysical services to sophisticated clients.

We do not promise more than we can deliver. We refuse to let our professional standards slip, even if we lose money on a project. We consider our ethical standards as important as our technical standards. Our basic business principles have taken us a long way.

Of course, I am proud of H-R’s 25th anniversary. I am proud of our staff and our body of work. I thank all our clients who helped us along the way. But now is the time to look froward. With the enormous challenges facing our country, you have our assurance that H-R will be there – ready, willing, and more than able to provide the surface and borehole geophysical services that will support your needs, your clients, and to help make this world a better place. Make H-R a part of your world, too. Call us!
Dorothy Richter