Archeological Investigations

Our integrated geophysical investigations include several high profile archeological projects including work at the Statue of Liberty Island National Monument, Bunker Hill Monument, Lexington Battle Green, Secaucus Potters’ Field, and for the History Channel’s search for  Blackbeard’s alleged treasure hoard on Lunging Island in the Isles of Shoals.

Geophysical methods offer archeological investigations a major advantage: the ability to detect features of possible historical interest without disturbing the subsurface.

Hager-Richter’s experience at archeological sites combined with our geophysical expertise make us a wise choice to supplement your archeological investigation.

Typical Methods

Practical Objectives

  • Locate individual buried objects
  • Identify/delineate grave sites
  • Detect/delineate former foundations or ground surfaces
  • Detect/locate subsurface voids