Outside Expert Services / Litigation Support

You represent a client that is being sued by a contractor claiming that the rock they were excavating was actually harder and a lot shallower than they expected.  Your firm is being taken to court for allegedly damaging a housing complex while driving piles to support new sewer lines.  Your government agency is overseeing geophysical investigations conducted by consultants for a private entity, but your own agency lacks the staff resources to provide an in-depth technical review.  For all of these situations, you need to consider an incisive technical evaluation by an unbiased third party.  In each case, the qualifications and experience of your expert will be scrutinized, so you need to have an experienced professional in the field to interpret complex technical data and to present the results in a clear, consise manner.

Why Hager-Richter?

Integrity, credentials, experience, competence, and the ability to frame complex technical issues in terms that a layman can understand are critical characteristics for outside experts.  At Hager-Richter, we have that winning combination.  Our senior staff has broad and intense experience in geology and geophysics, advanced degrees in geology and/or geophysics, and has acted as third party experts for government agncies and law firms.  This, combined with our meticulous document reviews and succinct expert testimony, means that Hager-Richter can provide unbiased litigation support and outside expert services in the fields of geology and geophysics.  For example:

  • Hager-Richter recently provided third party review & technical oversight services of large geophysical surveys to detect voids, soft soils, and incipient sinkholes in Karst terrain for some massive international developments.  The review included random reprocessing a portion of the geophysical data, QA/QC analysis, some field oversight and meetings with stakeholders.
  • Hager-Richter provided outside technical review for a large government agency of the geophysical issues related to an important EIS prepared by another government agency.  Hager-Richter’s Technical Memorandum on the topic formed the basis for the client agency to negotiate with the other agency for regulations to minimize possible future adverse impacts on the client agency’s aging, but critical infrastructure.
  • Hager-Richter has provided outside technical review services for a Federal agency on the work plans, reports, and technical memoranda prepared by government contractors regarding the use of innovative geophysical methods for detecting and characterizing UXO at a Federal facility.
  • Hager-Richter has provided expert review and testimony for litigation between government agencies and private parties, and between private parties.