Hager-Richter Staff Receive Professional Geologist (P.G.) Licenses in the State of New York

Hager-Richter is pleased to announce that several staff members are now Professional Geologists licensed in the State of New York:

  • Jeffrey Reid* (NY PG License No. 000018)
  • Robert Garfield** (NY PG License No. 000041)
  • Steven Grant*** (NY PG License No. 000495)
  • Jose Carlos Cambero Calzada (NY PG License No. 000899)
  • Michael Howley*** (NY PG License No. 000174)
  • Amanda Fabian  (NY PG License No. 000567)

Congratulations!  Others are pending and will be announced when received.

*Jeff is also licensed as a PG in NH & WY

**Rob is also licensed as a PG in LA

***Steve and Mike are also licensed PGs in NH