Dimension Stone Consulting

Hager-Richter has provided expertise in the evaluation, inspection, and testing of building stone in all phases of fabrication and construction from the quarry to the job site, including the evaluation of the performance of stone on buildings.  Hager-Richter has worked on many projects relating to building stone including:

  • Laboratory testing by ASTM and custom designed procedures and evaluation of physical properties of building stone on office buildings around the U.S.
  • Preparation of contract specifications for stone cladding
  • Laboratory testing of anchors in building stones by custom designed procedures
  • Testing of full-scale building stone panels for resistance to wind load
  • Determination of cause of cracking in stone veneer on new high-rise office buildings
  • Development, testing, and inspection of repair procedures for cracks in stone veneer after erection on a 45 story building in Ohio
  • Inspection of building stone from quarry to job sites for new high-rise office buildings
  • Inspection of stone veneer for conformance with contract specifications in fabricating plant for 50 story building
  • Analysis of cause of cracking in Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C.
  • Analysis of deterioration of stone in Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, AL
  • Examination of cracked marble in column capitals of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.
  • Evaluation of durability of a foreign limestone not previously used in the U.S., including the examination of quarries and old installations in Europe
  • Evaluation of quarry sites to fulfill specific building stone contracts
  • Consultants to a Canadian government agency on building stone resources
  • Determination of potential for deformation of marble building panels and recommendations on method to eliminate the problem
  • Expert Testimony in mineral lands claims, quarry claims, damaged stone construction claims
  • Identification of efflorescence on imported stone tiles